Patrick Fence-To-Fence Environmental Services, Patrick SFB

Project Description: Providing installation-wide environmental quality program services using an on-site team of engineers, scientists, environmental technicians and administrative staff.

Services include:

  • Preparing permit applications for Government and FDEP review and approval (e.g., NPDES, MS4, RCRA Part B, WWTP, NPDES MSGP)
  • Providing emergency operations support and spill response, including staffing the base Emergency Response Center and providing teams to respond to emergencies (e.g., hurricane response damage assessments)
  • GIS data management support for all environmental compliance programs
  • Hazardous waste management (EESOH-MIS, 2 TSDFs, 175 accumulation points, 200+ waste streams); managing the integrated solid waste management program
  • Pollution prevention (P2) and recycling management
  • Emergency Planning and Community Right-To-Know (EPCRA) data collection and reporting
  • Air quality management including air emissions inventory and data management, updating the Air Program Information Management System (APIMS), and shop training
  • Stormwater (SWPPP, NPDES, EISA, inspections); wastewater compliance; drinking water (SDWA)
  • Sampling, analysis and reporting (landfills, open burn/open detonation area, POTW)
  • Design reviews and construction monitoring (sustainment, compliance)
  • Toxics (asbestos, PCBs, LBP); EMS (inspections, audits); NEPA support (EIAP, EBS)
  • UST/AST management
  • Pest management

Project Value: $9.5M; 5-year Period of Performance

Contracting Agency: USACE-Mobile District

Location: Patrick Space Force Base and Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, Florida