National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL), Site Operations Support Services (SOSS), Environmental Restoration Program Support Services

Project Description: Multi-installation, multi-site performance-based remedial action. Work is performed at four Air Force installations in the Great Lakes area (IN, MI, OH) involving 28 installation restoration program sites. Project sites include landfills, fire training areas, spill sites, paint shops, solvent storage tanks, vehicle maintenance buildings, POL tank farms, oil-water separators, and munitions areas.

  • Project management tasks associated with performance-based contracting actions including developing and maintaining project management plans, preparing installation-specific and contract wide integrated master schedules, and preparing and managing milestone payment schedules
  • Performing a wide range of environmental restoration activities, including:
    • Planning documents (installation-wide UFP-QAPPs, APP/HASP, QMPs, task-specific work plans)
    • Expanded investigations, feasibility studies, decision documents/records of decision
    • Long-term monitoring; optimization studies and implementation; confirm remedies are achieving performance objectives
    • Engineering Evaluation/Cost Analysis (EE/CA) to address landfill subsidence at one of the installations
    • Munitions response including supplemental remedial investigation (35-acre surface clearance), updating conceptual site model, performing feasibility study, preparing proposed plan and record of decision
    • Remedial action operations (RAO) including landfill inspections, leachate collection and cover maintenance; groundwater pump and treat systems O&M
    • Monitoring well maintenance, replacements, closures
    • Land use controls
    • Response complete and site closure
Project Value: $14.8 million; 9-year Period of Performance

Contracting Agency: USACE Louisville

Location: Work is performed at four Air Force installations, including Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio; Grissom ARB, Indiana; Air Force Plant 85, Ohio; Calumet AFS, Michigan