National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL), Site Operations Support Services (SOSS), Chemical Storage, and Regulated Waste Program Support Services

Project Description: Multi-facility chemical storage and regulated waste program support services contained in the NETL SOSS contract.

  • Weekly inspections of all designated hazardous waste accumulation areas
  • Maintain internal hazardous waste inventories for each hazardous waste accumulation area
  • Inventory the wastes in the satellite accumulation areas (SAAs)
  • Provide updates to the site’s chemical inventory system
  • Maintain Safety Data Sheets and specific characterization analytical results for each hazardous waste stored or handled
  • Ensure compliance with all requirements specified in 40 CFR 265.17 for storage/accumulation of ignitable, reactive, or incompatible wastes
  • Provide annual training to NETL personnel who generate waste and/or use the SAAs
  • Collect wastes from SAAs and safely transport the waste to the hazardous waste accumulation area
  • Operate and maintain the hazardous waste neutralization process in Building 35 at the Albany, NY (ALB) site
  • Perform waste characterization (sampling and analysis, generator knowledge, waste classification)
  • Prepare hazardous waste for transportation off-site to permitted treatment, storage, and disposal facilities (TSDFs)
  • Prepare hazardous waste manifests, land disposal restriction documents, and waste profiles for each waste stream
  • Conduct annual hazardous waste program review/audit

Project Value: $162.5 million (total SOSS contract value); 5-year Period of Performance

Contracting Agency: Department of Energy (DOE)

Location: Albany, OR (ALB); Morgantown, WV (MGN); and Pittsburgh, PA (PGH), DOE, National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) sites